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Has Evolved

Enterprise Level Customization

Design fully customized solutions to meet your needs.

Multi-Language Support

Reach out to your clients in their preferred language.

Text, Email and Voice Support

Decide the best methods for your client communication.

Mass Notification Capabilities

Contact your clients within minutes with essential information.

Time-Sensitive Messaging

Create messaging protocols that send the right message at the right time.

Seamless Database Integration

Our technology is designed to work with your existing Contact Software.

What is Prompt Alert?

“We are always innovating and staying in front of technology trends. Our goal is to have the most up to date, flexible, and intelligent communication technology possible.”

- Jeremy Greven, Founder, CEO.

Your clients rely on you. You need a client communication system you can count on.

Our client communication technology is effective, advanced, and affordable. Most importantly, it is tailored to your corporate needs. We develop and implement customized automatic communication solutions to create the perfect outreach system for your organization.

Prompt Alert has been the industry leader in innovative client communication since 2004, and we have never stopped updating and improving our technology.

In 2007, we launched one of the most advanced patient communication tools in the health care industry: Patient Prompt®. With our proprietary “Seamless Two Way Technology”™, advanced (((Smart Calling Technology)))™, and industry leading “Best Practice” Protocols, Patient Prompt® has led the way in intelligent, effective, patient communication.

We invite you to investigate how Prompt Alert can assist your company with an effective and reliable client communication solution.

Patient Prompt®

Specifically designed for the health sector, Patient Prompt® helps medical practices and hospitals automate appointment reminders, preventative health programs, and more. Learn More.

Some of Our Clients

Atlanta Gastroentrlogy
Horizon family medical
Oregon Family Group